The top 10 algorithm in Data Mining

Here are the list of top 10 algorithms used in the data mining :

  1. C4.5 Classification
  2. k-means Clustering
  3. SVM Statistical learning
  4. Apriori Association analysis
  5. EM Statistical learning
  6. PageRank Link mining
  7. Adaboost Ensemble learning
  8. kNN Classification
  9. Naïve Bayes Classification
  10. CART Classification

Overview of System Analysis

Going through what ‘System Analysis’ is about, lets have a quick definition of it.

The Study of a business problem domain to recommend improvements and specify the business requirements and priorities for the solution.

System analysis helps to provide the team the better understanding of the problem domains that is needed to be focused on it. Here the research is to be made of what works and find if there is any solution that works even better that existing one. As we know that working with the system users, there requires the clear business requirements and expectations that needs to be developed. One more thing that affects the system analysis is ‘Business drivers’. Completion of analysis, leads in need to update of many deliverables produced earlier, during system initiation. But this reveals many ideas and the revision of the project goals and also the business scope. The idea leads us to know whether the project is small or too big. It also gives us the ideas of the schedule and budget. And after all this the feasibility itself becomes clear. If the project is feasible then the project can be continued else it can be cancelled.

We all know that the project managers, system analysts and system users are the primary stakeholders in the system analysis.

System Analysis: A step to system development

All of us know what the system is? But if some one asks us what the system analysis is most of us fail to answer it. So before starting with this topic, I want to introduce some of the formal definition of the System Analysis and some other topics;

System analysis is a problem solving technique which decomposes a system into the small components helping to make a good study about the efficiency of the component parts to complete their work and interaction to complete the system.

The definition makes us clear about what system analysis is. It is to be understood that the system analysis is the pre-requisite to the system design. There is no hard and fast definition of the system analysis. one cannot tell when the information system analysis starts and when the design ends.

The business concern of the system owners and users drives this analysis. it helps to address the knowledge, process and communications building blocks from the system owner and users point of view.

And the rest thing in NEXT BLOG. Smile