Cloudera and Udacity partner to offer Data Science training courses

As per the need of handling of the data, this step seems to be very useful. The world needs more data scientist. And for that Udacity has introduced the online Data Science training courses. Well, i am about to take the training too. Here is the story i found. Please have a look at it.


After launching the Open Education Alliance with some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley, Udacity has forged a partnership with Cloudera to bring comprehensive Data Science curriculum to a massively open online course (MOOC)  format in a program called Cloudera University — allowing anyone to learn the intricacies of Hadoop and other Data Science methods.

“Recognizing the growing demand for skilled data professionals, more students are seeking instruction in Hadoop and data science in order to prepare themselves to take advantage of the rapidly expanding data economy,” said Sebastian Thun, founder of Udacity, in a press release. “As the leader in Hadoop solutions, training, and services, Cloudera’s insights and technical guidance are in high demand, so we are pleased to be leveraging that experience and expertise as their partner in online open courseware,”

The first offering to come via Cloudera University will be “Introduction to Hadoop and…

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