MSP Applicants Interaction Program – Day 3

We firstly learnt to set video file as desktop background. This can be done by ‘Windows 7 DreamScene Activator’ application. To set a video as wallpaper, first we have to open the application and then click on ‘Enable DreamScene’ option. Then we can set a video file as wallpaper by right-clicking the video and selecting the ‘Set as Desktop Background’ option. We can also choose to play or pause the video by right clicking on the desktop and selecting required option. This feature can be disabled any time by clicking the ‘Disable DreamScene’ option. The limitations of this method are: (i) only Windows Media Video (.wmv)

files can be set as wallpaper and (ii) the sound of the video cannot be played.

The main topic of the discussion was “Career in the field of IT Pro”. Under this topic, we discussed about various technologies and applications which are discussed below.
One of the discussion topics was the difference between Windows Server and Windows 7 Operating Systems. Windows Server is a server side OS where as Windows 7 is a client side OS. In an organization having a number of computers, one of them is made the Server by installing the Windows Server OS which provides facilities to all the other client computers. The server computer has all the necessary applications and facilities and the client computers can access those facilities from the server. The server can share its files with the clients and also send important information. For e.g. in a network of computers, there is only one hardware, say printer. It is linked with the server computer and the server can make it accessible to the other computers in the network. In this way, just a printer will be sufficient for a number of computers. Similarly a server can also provide internet facilities to its clients.
Email server is an application built under Windows Server. It is a Microsoft Windows based SMTP.  If you have a PC network, all the PC’s can send and receive email through the server with a single internet dial-up connection. An e-mail server is a computer within your network that works as your virtual post office. An email server usually consists of a storage area where e-mail is stored for local users, a set of user definable rules which determine how the mail server should react to the destination of a specific message, a database of user accounts that the mail server recognizes and will deal with locally, and handle the transfer of messages to and from other mail servers and email clients and also restrict the bandwidth. This provides advanced security for a group of computers in an organization.
There was a light discussion on the topic ‘Business Intelligence’.Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. BI applications may include a variety of components such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards.
We also learnt a concept of Database Management System. It is a collection of data in an organized form. It helps to store large number of data for different categories, for e.g. the marks of students of the whole school in all subjects along with the total and percentage, grouped according to their class. Database is organized in such a way that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.
Report Prepared By: Midusha Shrestha

The Amazing Windows Se7en

Guys, which is your favorite operating system? If anyone asked me this very question a week before, I would rather say,(scratching my head) “Umm, actually Windows 7 is the OS that I am using right now and I guess that makes it my favorite OS (And give a widespread smile).” Indeed, Win-7 is much easier to use and with a lot of added features added to it, it is simply a ‘wow’ OS. You can take the 3-D window for example. If you have not tried this then check what ‘windows button + tab’

does. Or you could open multiple windows in screen and try shaking the taskbar of one of the windows using your mouse button while the other programs are opened at the background. But, I must say, I was introduced to more of its features at the MSP orientation program.
Windows 7 upgrade advisor is a one of the ‘good to know’ tools. You can check if your PC has any problem to the upgrading to Windows 7 with this Upgrade Advisor. This free utility created by Microsoft, gives you a summary report is some problems were detected during the scan.
Another powerful tool included in Windows Seven is what is called the PSR (Problem Steps Recorder). You might find it fascinating if you provide tech-support to Windows users. PRS is a type of screen capture software that records all actions including keystrokes, mouse clicks etc. and saves the sequence of events in an MHTML page that documents every step the user took, along with screenshots. I say, PSR is a ‘must try’ tool of Win-7.
If you used the ‘print screen’ command in XP or any earlier versions of Windows, then you might know its replacement tool in Win-7. If not, try pressing ‘windows button +S’. Your screen goes dim and what gets initiated is the Snipping tool. You will learn what this tool is actually about when you move your mouse cursor here and there and make a few mouse clicks.
If you have a lot of stuffs in your to-do list and need a memo-like thing, then Sticky notes can be the best alternative for you.
What would you do, if you had an application that runs smoothly in Vista or any other operating system but not in Windows 7 (Halo 2 for example). Windows seven has an added feature which enables you to virtualize your PC to run XP or Vista compatible applications in Windows-7. Try ‘VMware’, it is a simple easy to use virtualization software.
What would you do to transfer you data across your computer and internet connection is not available. If you have a laptop then you have a powerful option to transfer data without any risk of data loss. You could set up an Ad-Hoc connection between two or more laptops and you data transfer road is food to go. If you have played Counter Strike or NFS MW in laptop in a network, then I need not tell you what an Ad-Hoc connection is.
Phew! Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge…..but I say, some tips that I can show off in front of my friends the next time I get a chance. And yes, thanks to MSP orientation program.
Report Prepared By: Aashish Acharya

MSP:The Quest For Who You Are!

The MSP stood for Microsoft Student Partner. It is not that the acronym does not have a meaning now. It was there in my campus before I was in it, and yet when I came into the Engineering field, that combination of letters didn’t ring a bell into my head. Not until I got a chance to attend one of its trainings at my college. My curiosity level rose just as the adrenaline on a diabetic patient, making me take more of it.
Finally I could not help but try and become an MSP. The details of how MSP started at my college, if portrayed over a movie could be another smash hit. The ups and downs over the years have brought the MSP foundation in my college to the point where it stands now! It has at become the one stop tech-solution site for every student (or at least take product keys for free =])

The orientation program brought up multiple things together. The responsibilities of an MSP, targets that one needs to set after he is an MSP etcetera, etcetera. The students here at my college want an MSP that could truly act as a bridge between the Microsoft technology and students. Indeed, a true leader, not a political one (we have got enough to ruin the nation) but the one who could take the technology down to each and every students of his campus. One of my friends is an MSP and she says, an MSP should be just as an empty cup, always ready to take up the tea of knowledge and re-distribute it from there! She says, the people there at Microsoft believe on what they call ‘the Four Pillars’ namely: Access to technology, learning the technology, Innovation and Industry. Microsoft believes these four pillars should help inquisitive minds to set the basement foundation to their career as successful technology experts.
The discussion at the orientation program also brought up the targets that an MSP needs to set for the next one year. It is no doubt that every day of the next 365 days is going to be full of responsibilities and opportunities for an MSP. The MSP should be ready to accept all the challenges that come by, grasp all the opportunities to prove himself, the best and take the real test of his leadership and cooperation to the students. It is also clear that the MSP could get a chance to expertise himself in any one field of Microsoft technology, and if worked hard, he could be the MSP of the year too.
The first day of orientation ended carving a road map in my mind. It made me think and wonder if I was ready for all this, if I could handle all the responsibilities without a failure. That day I learnt an important lesson, it does matter whether you think you are capable or not, the only thing you matter is you believing upon yourself. It is your commitment and courage that make the real difference. Put your hand over your chest and ask yourself if you really can do this, if your heart gives you a green signal then you are all set to go. Good luck and god speed!
Report Prepared By: Aashish Acharya