talking about the security I want to add that its not worrying stuff when your data is in cloud. I guess most of us have used the mail servers on the browser. It has also been in the cloud for a long time. So I guess taking an example it should not worry you that your data is on the cloud.

The Capability Maturity Model

A standardized framework for assessing the organization’s information system development and management processes and products.

This is the formal definition of the Capability Maturity Model which is often abbreviated as CMM. Often we can see that an organizations development process maturity, project timelines and cost decreases with the increase in productivity and quality. It happens most time.  So after observing and measuring this factor, the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has developed the Model which is known as Capability Maturity Model. This model is organized in such a way that it has 5 maturity levels, which are given as below:

  • Level 1: Initial
  • Level 2: Repeatable
  • Level 3: Defined
  • Level 4: Managed
  • Level 5: Optimized

As seen in the figure below, we can see the product and capability as the level increases and the risks too. All the levels have their own capability as we can see the picture below. The risks are too much in the level 1 i.e. while initiating, and as the level rises up the risks and waste also gets on decreasing while the productivity and quality gets on increasing as the level rises up with decreasing the risks.


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Brainstorm, the pathway for successful product

Everybody wants to build the product that can takeover the market. So what can we do to build the better software? This question always remains in the head of a developer. Once the software or any product is developed, he/she may be having nightmare. They might not sleep for a week thinking about the market value of their product. This could be solved when the work is done after planning. I remember the good quote of a character Col. John Hannibal Smith from the movie The A-Team,

I love it when the plan comes together.

Everyone loves when the plan comes together. This is all about brainstorming because you get success when you storm a thought. Everybody has the idea, and maybe that idea can change his life.

All we need is to have the craziest idea, whatever it is. Do not think about anything just think about the idea as I said before that the idea can change your life. After having craziest idea start working on the plan for the product. During this process, decide what your product should have so that it can change the user intention to have it. What your product is great at so the user shall use it? Now the next thing is thinking about the user activities to your product. You should be clear about what comes first and what comes next. Be clear about the UI flow of your product. After this stuff workout with the prototype. I guess you know about the prototype. Apart from this you need to be clear about the features to be included to your product. Like using the features of hardware access to some levels. Now the thing comes to design UI for your product, organize it, do some coding stuff in it and deploy it. Always remember to make a good first impression as we all know that ‘A good impression is the last impression’. Now the time is to validate your design and stuff. If there is any problem then review your work and figure it out where the problem is? So you are finally on the way and good luck for it.