Blogging via phone app

I have been blogging since 8 to 9 months. But I have never thought it would be this easy to blog. After getting my smartphone, I just looked for various app in the store and unfortunately, I found this WordPress app for my smartphone. And here I am blogging through my smartphone. Its just an awesome experience for me to blog through my phone. I would like to thank to the developer for making this app. Its really feel great to blog via your cellphone. Now the blogging have become so much easier for me.
Most of the blogger are unknown about this thing. I would like them to use the app and start blogging through it. Now blogging for me has become dough easier for me.
Thanks a lot again to the developer.

What are Spinal Codes?

During my research on Software engineering, i found the article about the Spinal codes. We all have heard about the spinal cords in biology. But none of us have heard about the spinal codes? At first i thought it was some biological stuffs, but later on going further i almost realised that the spinal codes is nothing but the codes used in wireless network. Here is the definition of spinal codes.

Spinal codes are a new class of rateless codes that enable wireless networks to cope with time-varying channel conditions in a natural way, without requiring any explicit bit rate selection.The key idea in the code is the sequential application of a pseudo-random hash function to the message bits to produce a sequence of coded symbols for transmission.

Basically this type of encoding techniques makes sure about the two messages which has differences in at least 1 bit resulting in a different coded sequences. In order to decode this codes, a bubble decoder is used which runs in time polynomial in the message size.

For more information please have a look at this research