Overview of System Analysis

Going through what ‘System Analysis’ is about, lets have a quick definition of it.

The Study of a business problem domain to recommend improvements and specify the business requirements and priorities for the solution.

System analysis helps to provide the team the better understanding of the problem domains that is needed to be focused on it. Here the research is to be made of what works and find if there is any solution that works even better that existing one. As we know that working with the system users, there requires the clear business requirements and expectations that needs to be developed. One more thing that affects the system analysis is ‘Business drivers’. Completion of analysis, leads in need to update of many deliverables produced earlier, during system initiation. But this reveals many ideas and the revision of the project goals and also the business scope. The idea leads us to know whether the project is small or too big. It also gives us the ideas of the schedule and budget. And after all this the feasibility itself becomes clear. If the project is feasible then the project can be continued else it can be cancelled.

We all know that the project managers, system analysts and system users are the primary stakeholders in the system analysis.

Successful completion of my academic project

If you asked me about the SMS API, a few months ago i would have failed to answer you. But working on the academic project under the co-ordination of my seniors and my team mates(Midusha Shrestha, Anjan Rai, Ritu Jain and me), have successfully completed the project and were able to show in time.

Our project was based on the SMS based resulting system and named as “Sajilo Result”. It was almost similar to the service provided by one of the renowned company of Nepal, named as Sparrow SMS. We worked as our supervisor demanded and was different from that service as we included the interface for uploading the data to the database.

We worked with our own cell phones as a SMS gateway and sent the result after processing the queries sent to us. Also on the admin side, we included the feature of data visualization which showed the visual view of the data uploaded.

I am very thankful to my team members and my seniors who helped a lot in this project.

Project Management

Many of us don’t know about the project. So lets start with the formal definition of the project and here it goes:

It is a sequence of the activities that is needed to be completed on time, within the budget and according to the specification as provided.

Well I think we know about the Murphy’s Law, which tells that ‘if anything can go wrong, it will.’ Once we know about the project it is necessary to manage them minimizing the risks of going wrong. For any process the effective management of it is necessary. Ensuring that it meets the deadline and fits the budget. If we talk about the project management,it is the process of scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling the development of and acceptable system at a minimum cost within the deadline. The project management is a cross life-cycle as it fits all the stages of the system development process. Any organization take a different method for the management. The project managers fits and builds a framework for the management of the project. Some of us are often confused with project management and process management. As defined earlier, the project management includes scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling the system development while the process management is the activity of documenting, managing and improving the process of system development.