Online fraud: a major problem with the technological advancement

Who among us don’t use internet? I guess none of us. I am also so dumb to ask this question. if internet was not here then it would have been impossible to read this article rom my site. Smile

Anyway lets comes to the point and let us know about the online fraud which is one of the most important issues to be controlled. As we know that the use of internet is rising making sure everyone gets benefits. But some of people take it in a wrong way. Online fraud is one of of the crime that is rising with these advancement. Some of the groups of cyber criminals change their identification in the digital world commits financial fraud.

It is so easy to change the identification online. After a couple of clicks a fake account can be created. And using those fake identification one can easily commit online fraud. Some of fraud do social engineering, do some attacks to make a victim  One of the most used method is social engineering in which the fraud, let us term them as criminals , takes advantages of people’s trust and use them as a tool to attack and hack into the system. Sometimes criminals create a fake login on the different site with the same looks same as the original portal to get the access to the personal identification number (PIN). These things must be considered in order to be safe. Continue reading “Online fraud: a major problem with the technological advancement”

Must know about BOTNETS

Here is the thing about the botnets that they are the networks of compromised computers controlled by the remote attackers. They can attack in such a way that the owners are unknown about it. As per my knowledge the computers in a botnet is home computers, your laptops and are technically known as nodes, bots, zombies. Moreover, the computers in this network are unknown about the misuse of their computers.

I just read an article and it says when the computer is infected by the malware, it is used to send the spam and more shocking thing is that user is unaware about it. Often this threat is harmful to the government and enterprises rather than the individual, that can be used for a direct attack.

One of the approach is done by the Project MARS which is known as Microsoft Active Response for Security that makes the legal and technical acumen to take action upon the criminal infrastructure. This project is a joint effort of Microsoft Digital Crimes unit, Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Customer Support Services and Trustworthy Computing.

Via Botnets published by Microsoft