Project Management

Many of us don’t know about the project. So lets start with the formal definition of the project and here it goes:

It is a sequence of the activities that is needed to be completed on time, within the budget and according to the specification as provided.

Well I think we know about the Murphy’s Law, which tells that ‘if anything can go wrong, it will.’ Once we know about the project it is necessary to manage them minimizing the risks of going wrong. For any process the effective management of it is necessary. Ensuring that it meets the deadline and fits the budget. If we talk about the project management,it is the process of scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling the development of and acceptable system at a minimum cost within the deadline. The project management is a cross life-cycle as it fits all the stages of the system development process. Any organization take a different method for the management. The project managers fits and builds a framework for the management of the project. Some of us are often confused with project management and process management. As defined earlier, the project management includes scoping, planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling the system development while the process management is the activity of documenting, managing and improving the process of system development.

Also as I said before that, there is maximum chances of having physical damage for the physical hardware. And as far as I am concern you need not to worry about the storage capacity. You can increase the size as per desire.

Cloud Data Storage

Storing your computer documents and data in a secure and safe place can give you a major problem at times. With the arrival of the cloud storage technological innovation, this concern has been fixed to a great extent. The entire process of storing computer data online into the storage space pools owned or operated by the third parties is referred to as cloud storage. The firms giving cloud storage provide storage space to the company on rent based upon how much space and also the period for which it is necessary for the company. Common cloud storage may contain a number of units physically but it really behaves as a single large unit virtually where data is kept in line.

Conventional Storage vs. Cloud Storage
The firms commonly use the back up devices as the storage choice, which includes backup tapes. These are generally certainly much economical. On the other…

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The 21st century has witnessed the greatest shift in terms of production, lifestyle and more importantly, in how organizations and businesses transact their businesses and how they search, store and retrieve information. Information as a resource has been so essential for the success of modern organizations such that these organizations are investing millions of dollars in efforts to keep their information safe while making it easy to access and use. It is in the background of this that organizations are presently investing in web hosting. There are varied types of web hosting and among them is shared hosting and cloud hosting. So, you may be asking, what distinguishes cloud hosting from shared hosting?

Differences between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, which is the most commonly used form of web hosting allows multiple web sites to operate by utilizing one dedicated server. The element of sharing makes shared…

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