My recent desktop app

I have been working so long for a demanded desktop application. And today I have finished it. This app is for the commercial use. I named it as “Excel to XML for Tally”. Researching it i have used OpenXML SDK 2.5 to complete this project. Using C#.NET in visual studio, working with the resource file I completed this task of me.

This app lets you to convert the excel file into tally voucher which could be easily uploaded into “Tally”. As far as I know i have been working it on 15 days. This app works on .NET 4.5 environment to install. It was a tough task for me to make the exact sample of the XML file that was handed to me. In order to install this desktop app, you need .NET 4.5 framework installed in your machine.

I am now working it to run on the older version of framework in windows. I am also working now on the licensing part to which i could make it more commercial. Hope I will be able to make it proprietary.

The PIECES framework for solving the problem

Where does the project ideas comes from? The answer is It comes from some of the problems, opportunities and directives. A short definition of problem, opportunity and directive is given below which is defined for organization

Problem: An undesirable situation that prevents the organization from fully achieving its goals or objectives

Opportunity: A chance to improve the organization even in the absence of the identified problems

Directives: A new requirement that is imposed by the management, government and or external influence

So while working on the projects various problems arises. It cannot be predicted. But if we follow some framework it becomes easier to solve the problem. One of the framework developed by the James Wetherbe is known as PIECES, where each of the letter represents a category. We have six categories in this framework which are enlisted below:

  • P the need to correct or improve the ‘Performance’
  • I the need to correct or improve the ‘Information (and data)’
  • E the need to correct or improve the ‘economics, control costs or profits’
  • C the need to correct or improve ‘control or security’
  • E the need to correct or improve ‘efficiency of people and process’
  • S the need to correct or improve ‘service to customers, suppliers, partners, employees and so on’

The categories as shown above may overlap. Some problems are in such a way that their  solution may fall on one or all of the categories. So The problem must be identified and solved as per requirement.