How are the enterprises taking the advantages of Virtualization?

Again I would like to share the portion that I read from the whitepaper from HP. This says that the current enterprises are taking a lot of benefit from the virtualization for specific business scenarios. These are listed as below:

  1. Accommodate explosive growth
  2. Manage mergers and acquisitions
  3. Control costs and compliance
  4. Reduce deployment time for client devices
  5. Reduce operational costs
  6. Increase scalability
  7. Provide new services
  8. Enhance customer satisfaction

Why Enterprise wide cloud strategy?

As the enterprises are growing, cloud computing is also experiencing the strong and sustained growth with it. We all now know about the benefits of cloud computing in the enterprises. The main benefit is the cost reduction. For any enterprise, if the cost is reduced, what else benefit do they search for?

I just read a whitepaper from CIO, saying that the 86% of the project planning and progress are on the cloud adoption. 73% have two or more cloud projects in process. And almost $350,000 cost reduction on the average has been experiencing by the enterprises. When we adopt the good cloud strategy, it helps in reducing the cost and improving the quality of the services. One of the report says that 23% of the IT services are delivered via cloud recently. But this is going to double nearly in 5 years. i.e. in the next 5 years the IT services that will be delivered via cloud will be almost 57%.

According to Jim Sangster, senior director of solutions marketing at NetApp, “Just as consolidation and virtualization of a server environment increases IT efficiencies, the same is true for storage. The underlying storage system is a key component of any cloud architecture and can either contribute to your success or limit your options if treated as an afterthought. With a shared, virtualized infrastructure for servers, network, and storage in place, companies can transition to the cloud at their own pace.”

Basically, the hosted apps in cloud is widely used which we often know as software-as-a-service or in short we term it as SaaS. Many enterprises are using public cloud to host their CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Via “CIO Whitepapers”