Shutdown button in windows 8

I have heard a lot of question regarding shutdown button in windows 8. Many of us just sign out and then shutdown the machine. But there is a button for shutdown. Here is the step wise instruction to get to your shutdown button:

  • Move your mouse pointer to right-top or right bottom side of your desktop screen.

Screenshot (1)

  • and there you will see the options, just click “Settings”.
  • and there at the bottom of the list you will see the power option on which you can click and choose shutdown or restart.

Screenshot (2)


See that was very easy enough.

BranchCache: WAN Bandwidth Optimization

Here comes the new WAN bandwidth optimization technology that can help us to optimize the WAN bandwidth included in many other operating systems and of course in windows 8. We call it BranchCache When the user access from the remote servers to get the content, BranchCache does copy the content from the main servers or cloud hosted servers and caches them to the local branch office. User access those contents locally rather than over WAN. After the client makes the request for any content from the main servers in the head office, BranchCache caches the content and host them locally which helps to optimizes the bandwidth over WAN. This helps to increase the user productivity and of course the problems for downloading the same content from the main server again and again.

BranchCache can be deployed in 2 modes that is hosted cache mode and distributed cache mode. One can get clarified from the diagram below:

The content from the branch office gets distributed to the client computer in the distributed cache mode. Where as the content cache in the branch office is hosted in a server called as a Hosted Cache server in hosted cache mode.

Picture copied from & for more information please visit BranchCache.

App development in windows 8

As being developer, I took a training for developing windows store apps. And currently running the training authentically from the MIC Nepal. Well, I don’t think there is the thing to worry for those who are not the hardcore programmer. The things you need to develop apps in windows 8 is windows 8 installed on your laptop, visual studio express for windows 8 and a developer license( which is free of cost, just you need to have to log on to the Microsoft account through visual studio to get the license ). And then you start the working on the app. If you know any programming language then worry not, its not the big deal. Just if you know c language, you can develop apps in couple of week. You need not be the hardcore programmer. it’s the fact that for the app development contains 10% to 20% of coding, rest is designing. Believe it or not just a programming concept can help you to develop the app in windows 8. The most interesting part of app development is animation. Its very easy to do animation. I bet you will love to do the animation part for the various purpose. Happy windows 8 app programming. Smile