Cloud Computing: Myths and Realities

What often we see is some of the myths that people misinterprets the Cloud Computing in various ways. Here are some myths and realities of it:

  • Myth : I will always save money using Cloud Computing.
    • The reality is if the cloud computing fits the business requirements, cloud computing helps to save money.
  • Myth : Cloud Computing helps the work done very fast and gives the quick response time.
    • The reality is Cloud computing solutions which employs low-performing assets can result in variable performance, with inherent contention for time on those assets of the business.
  • Myth : Cloud Computing always helps to give me access anytime and anywhere we need.
    • The reality is they only give access within the guaranteed limits.
  • Myth : Cloud Computing provides the security and lowers the risks.
    • The reality is they can comprise the unknown assets in unknown location with the unknown operators.

Thus, the thing is we need to understand the cloud computing. And the myths that are associated with the cloud computing must be replaced by the realities. Not every business fits the cloud computing.

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