Skipping the lock screen in windows 8

As we start the machine having windows 8, we see a start screen with the pictures. This gives OS a load to load that image. Although it is not that it deadlocks the system, but this is the trick that removes the screen from the system. Follow this article.

  1. Open the registry editor. Win+r and then typing ‘regedit’ in it
  2. Navigate to the location  ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MARCHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows’
  3. Now Create a registry key called ‘Personalization’.
  4. And then create a new DWORD(32 bit) value and name it ‘NoLockScreen’
  5. and now assign NoLockScreen a value of 1
  6. Close Regedit and reboot.

And then finally you will be directly taken to the login prompt skipping the start screen.



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