Pitch fest @ MIC Nepal

After training some fellows of Aryan Innovative Group (AIG), The Aryan School of Engineering for about 15 days, they were able to make really wonderful apps. Although being the students of BIT from the management background they had really awesome concept. I respect those guys, who were really thinking about some of productive apps for windows store. Although not being a best UI, they built some apps related to the Nepali apps. Its hard to find the apps for Nepal in the windows store. Every one keeps on building the apps but really to ‘make a difference’, those guys covered information related for ‘Nepal’. One of the team made a simple game related to information related to Nepal, while other made tourism information for Nepal. And the most wonderful thing is that a team made Nepali Calculator which does the Nepali numerals calculation. Well Nepali calculator was the most good thing that I appreciated. Being Nepali its proud to have those guys who really make a difference. Well Hope to see those built apps after furnishing in the store. Eagerly waiting for those apps to be uploaded. Thanks developers for having such a wonderful idea.


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