this might help you preventing from the crashing of windows…..

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Windows Blue Screen of DeathThere it goes again: a Blue Screen of Death or a “program is not responding” message box. Either you’re stopped dead or inconvenienced; seriously so if you’re running applications don’t save or recover whatever files you were working on.

Being realistic, as a colleague of mine reminds me, it’s a wonder that Windows works at all. Think about it; more than twenty years of layered standards for hardware, programming, api’s, protocols and individual manufacturers interpretations of all of those (not all in perfect English). I regard every successful boot to the desktop as a minor triumph.

Then it all stops… From the cryptic Blue Screen error messages – often no more than a memory address and segmentation fault code – to the completely unhelpful “program is not responding” message – no S***, Sherlock – there are few clues as to what’s gone wrong.

So here are a few clues.

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