Fly in the sky with Skydive

Many of us (using Microsoft account) are unknown about the Skydrive. In fact they rather check their emails. These days social networking are more popular, making accounts for social networking is common practice. But there is also more features, which I think user must know. One of the features is ‘Skydrive’. This is the cloud storage provided by Microsoft for every accounts, which is normally 7 GB in size. Moreover storing capacity it also allows to share the storage as seen in pc. One of the most cool feature, I found is one can share their works online. Sending invitation and working on group is the cool feature I just appreciate.

This is also helpful when you do not have office installed. One can have access to web app of office package which includes, Microsoft Word, Excel workbook, Powerpoint presentation and Onenote notebook. Its simply good. I encourage every readers to have a look at Skydrive.


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