Cloud Overview

When we talk about cloud in the world of technology, people usually think about the real cloud. Let me just tell you that it is the emerging technology that is growing fast and huge. Every big corporation is now on the way to switch on the cloud. Its because of its low cost. you do not need to have a huge configuration of your hardware to move onto the cloud. Just you need is the web browser with a simple machine and high speed internet.

One misconception that I find in people when you talk about cloud is that they think that just storage is cloud. I am amazed. Is cloud just a storage? Well I think its huge. Storage is just a part of cloud. You can do anything on the cloud. You may create virtual machine, create a website, databases, storages, networks and much more in cloud. The thing is that you have not experienced it. Lets not only just limit our thought in storage. Its growing large.

Learn more about cloud computing here.


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