Are you afraid of Computer Virus?

So one thing always make me go laughing. When anyone comes to ask my USB drive i.e. Removable disk, they all asks me a funny question. Does your disk contain virus? This makes me laugh out loudly. I think for the computer engineers its like a joke. And the thing that makes me laugh out very loud when the question is asked by the Computer Engineer. I don’t understand why this question is asked. Is it they are afraid of the system infection. The day I got my new laptop. I had my Laptop infected with the virus. But that was not worrying me. In fact i was smiling,. 🙂

You might be thinking that am I crazy? Being  the student of Computer, One should always remember that it is your good luck to get the virus. But this is not valid everytime. Sometime it may lead you to danger. You should always remember that if you get the ideas, You can handle the virus easily. If you get the ideas I guess you also will laugh out when the people ask you the question. In simple sense, One should always remember that the computer virus is the program. The program itself cannot initialize itself. It comes into action when the virus is opened. It can be done manually or automatically.
So the question is Can we control the Computer virus? My reply is YES. But it requires you a lot of attention. Some of the features can be disabled to control the infection of virus from one system to another. Like “Autorun” features of windows can be turned off in order to control the virus infection. If you know how to turn off the autorun. I bet the system will be secured twice then it was. Although you need to be more experienced to control the virus completely. And also the use of COMMAND in MSDOS cn help you to solve the problem….
Just type “gpedit.msc” in run window. You can get run window just by pressing “window+r” key. And then goto location as shown in the picture below:
And then do “enabled” to all drives. 
There are also several other ways to control virus. Which you can find in the UOG….
huhhhh UOG is just University of Google….. All the best….

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