You need to hack!

Do you think “Why is it important?” The answer is yes it is very important because to catch a thief you must think like thief. To protect your system from all the attacks, it is most necessary that you must know about the attacks, hacks. It will be fruitful if you go positive towards it and you will ruin yourself if you get it negatively.

Due to the increasing number of hackers, the data are loosing their privacy, the system are no longer safer. So when know the hacker tricks, you can find out how
vulnerable your system are.
Many people come into wrong concept that the firewalls, encryption, antivirus and VPN’s protect your system from those attacks. The system is safer. But can you imagine this is wrong concept. 
Let us clear this by an example: You have the best anti-virus installed into your computer, but do you think that it is safe. Can you make your computer free from virus? You cannot stop the virus attacks until and unless you know where the virus attacks, what is the weak point of your OS. 
Attacking your own system helps you to discover vulnerablities which is only the proven method for the security. You must think like a hacker in order to make your system safer and protect from them. But the attacking here does not mean that crash your system repeatedly. You can do it in a fasionalbe way.
Do not take ethical hacking so far. It helps you to protect the system from the unlikely attack….

Algorithms and strengths

Cryptographic Algorithm
Symmetric key
  • Data Encryption Standard ( DES )
  • International Data Encryption Algorithm ( IDEA )
  • Rjindael (AES Standard )
  • Skipjack (used in ciphership )
Public key
  •  RSA public key
  • Digital Signature Algorithms
  • Gamal
  • Kanpsack
Secure hash
  • MD5
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-256